• Much more economical compared to protective methods such as cement block walling or polystrene foam application.
    • Very easy to apply.
    • Resistant to plant roots and decay.
    • Thanks to over 1200 dimples per m2 allows a homogenous soil load distribution.



      • Nonwoven drainage fabrics are an economical alternative to graded aggregate and sand filters and can eliminate many of the problems associated with using, purchasing and transporting aggregate. Another use for a nonwoven geotextile is as asphalt overlay fabric. Overlay fabric increases pavement life by providing a solution for reflective cracking.



        • It is flexible, long-lasting, resistant to the aggressive effects that may occur in the soil, can easily be applied to different types of surfaces and can easily be applied to the details such as dilation, edges of chimney and parapet returns, it has high tensile and breakage stability.

        SWELL FLEX


          • Very easy installation.
          • Offers easy application even with great amounts of rebar.
          • To connect seams it is sufficient to bring them together side by side and press.
          • One person can install up to 130 meters per hour

          PERMO STOP


            • It is non-toxic and non-corrosive.
            • It is very easy to apply. You prepare mortar with ordinary methods, but you just use PERMO STOP added concrete instead of common concrete. The lime does not have any negative impact on PERMO STOP. It is highly economical.
            • The shipment cost is very low.

            SPEED X-LIQUID


              • It is caustic. It does not cause any damage for the rebar.
              • Due to its content, the leakage slows down, and it helps to detect the source of leakage, thus allowing repair.
              • It is economical.

              PERMO CHIM CRYSTAL


                • It can be applied onto damp surfaces.
                • It can be applied onto the side exposed to water (positive water pressure) as well as the opposite side (negative water pressure).
                • It forms a durable coating against negative water pressure

                IZO BALKON


                  • It is an invisible material.
                  • It is highly absorbent.
                  • It dries solid without causing stickiness

                  PU-COAT II


                    • Because it does not contain any solvent, it can be safely used in closed spaces.
                    • It has strong adherence to the Surfaces it is applied
                    • It is safe, it has no harmful effect On health.
                    • It is very durable

                    PAH BANDI


                      • Easy and fast application.
                      • Very elastic. Maintains its elasticity between -20°C and +95°C.
                      • It perfectly adjusts to different construction materials.
                      • Can be applied under all weather conditions.

                      EMULZER PLUS


                        • Easily used by everyone.
                        • Axis and creates a continuous insulating layer.
                        • Very elastic. (1000%)



                          • It can be easily applied by anyone.
                          • It provides a seamless insulation layer.
                          • As a water-based material it is environment friendly.
                          • Due to its inflammable and non-toxix characteristics it can be safely used in closed spaces.



                            • It is very economical.
                            • Due to its inflammable and non-toxic characteristics it can be safely used in closed spaces.
                            • Because it contains water, it enables good adhesion even when the surface is moist.